21ST Century Dating Tips for Men

Our specific 21ST Century Dating Tips:

1. How ellegible is she? We've seen the results. We've been right there through the heartache. And, we have watched as our friends collapsed under the strain of dating someone who is married. They sometimes say that all the good men and women are already taken, but we know from experience that this isn't true. We wouldn't want to see anyone else go through the unhappiness of a love affair that wasn't meant to be.

2. Courtesy - Call early if you want a date. She may have no other plans, but will really be impressed when you call ahead of time. Not many men can imagine how this one simple courtesy can catapult you into the stratosphere of 21ST Century Dating stardom.

3. I don't remember that! When you are on the date, watch what you say. Women are very perceptive, and they remember everything. If you end up marrying them, 20 years can go by and they still might bring up something that will totally blow you out of the water. You remember that??? And if you don't wind up marrying them, it is a very small world. Your next date may already have a pretty good idea about you. It takes a lot to get out of the doghouse. Take this from the most experienced man on earth.

4. Safety - If she doesn't want to give you anything but her e-mail and cell phone number, be ok with that. She will feel safe if she just meets you somewhere where it is crowded. Safety is just as important in the 21ST Century Dating arena as it has been for centuries. Maybe even more so!

5.First Impression - Dress comfortable and confident. We suggest you do not wear a tie, to separate the office you and the personal you. Casual, neat and clean gives off the impression that you take care of yourself. Women pick up on that pretty quickly.

6. I just thought... Speaking of the wrong attitude, don't perceive something if a woman is dressed a certain way. This can sometimes get you into a world of trouble.

7. Tunnel vision - Conquests of other women may not be the best thing to talk about with your date. We also know you might have just broken up with someone and you are on the rebound, but be interested in her. She is the one you are dating now. She'll love that.

8. Commitment? If you look at your date as a future housewife or someone to take care of your kids, you might be surprised that she is not interested. After all, this is the 21ST-Century! She may also be turned off by any talk of serious commitment. Have fun now. If it works out you can talk about commitment at a later time. You'll both know when you're ready.

9. Too Fast Too Furious - If you get to that date where she asks you to pick her up, impressing her with how fast you can drive can sometimes be thrilling, but she may also get the idea that you are not concerned for her safety. What, were you thinking I meant something else?

10. YES! or NO! How a woman feels about you at any given moment is a direct result of your efforts to present a fun-loving, positive image. Have you said the right things? Have you listened at the appropriate times? Did you make her laugh and have fun? If so, then there is a great chance that she will say what you want to hear. But what if she says no? A little thought on the word no. In the words of John Fox, coach of the Carolina Panthers, "It is what it is." Maybe in the past it might have been so, but in 21ST Century Dating, no matter what you might want and no matter how much you might want it, no means no!

11. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Many years ago in Arizona, I went to pick up my date for a concert we were both wanting to attend. The only problem was that when I arrived to pick her up, the concert had been going on for almost 45 minutes. You see, I forgot to set my clock for daylight savings time. Not the best way to learn the lesson of being on time.

12. Enjoy - We want you to have fun. That's what it's all about. Go places where you both will enjoy it. The more creative, the better. And remember that the more you can laugh the greater the fun it will be for both of you.

13. Communication - Listening is an art that can get every guy on that stairway to heaven. It's that important! When you do talk, it's important to be positive, honest and upfront about yourself with any woman you date. It works out so much better in the long run.

14. The doghouse - I believe this tip is relevant to any century, not just 21ST Century Dating and all its compexities. I want all men to try this experiment. Look at as many beautiful women as you can while on your date. I just want a little company in the black and blue department that my wife inflicts upon me when we go out. Just kidding, Susan!

I wonder what men and women in the future will think about these 21ST Century Dating tips for men? Will they be the same, or will they look back and be amused at what the past dating rituals were like. After all, we now look back in history and are amazed at those particular courting rituals. What's your opinion? The past, present or some future that you would like to see happen. We would like to hear from you. Just Contact Us!

Those are the 21ST Century Dating tips for men! - let's peak at the dating tips for women.