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About us ? Here at Singles Online Dating Mall we believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Whether we are short or tall, big or small, introvert or extrovert, or any of the various things that separate us into who we are, there is that special someone that is waiting to meet us.

I for one am a testament to that. Yes, I'm admitting it to the whole world that my wife is right. She is the only one who would have me. Better yet, put up with me.

But, what we are saying is true, and it will come true for you too. If you are single and reading this, you might be looking, looking for information that will help you, and we are here to provide it.

Take a trip through our mall and its various online stores and discover that we have just about everything you need to have fun finding that special someone.

  • Read shocking, hilarious and upbeat, satisfying feel good stories that will truly delight you. Submit your own relationship experiences, shockers and jokes to become part of our
  • fun free things to do community.

  • Learn how space invaders can ruin a date instantly. Know the facts for safe dating in Fear Factor.

  • Solve the mystery of the opposite sex while visiting our section on
  • dating advice - 21ST century dating advice for men and women. Get the advice you need when it's needed.

  • Affluent, Asian, hispanic, African-American, fitness, large and small. We cover it all in
  • niche-dating , the online guide to the best niche dating sites.

  • Discover the secrets of online dating in our special
  • Best-Online-Dating section. Decide among the best online dating services out there, and we'll explain why some of the biggest should be avoided at all costs.

  • Special Spirituals
  • will spell out specific spiritual spots. Say that three times fast. Find the best religious dating sites here.

  • Arrange for that perfect date by getting advanced tickets to concerts and special events through our entertainment service!

  • Hypnotically attract any man! Make women laugh and fall in love! Browse through wonderfully entertaining books in e-books - r - us. Just don't peak at the stuff for the opposite sex. That would be so unfair!

  • Send out your free-love-e-cards through our Mall-mark store.

  • Get help at our Helpdesk with compatability tests, dating profile help, and even a cute Love Calculator.

  • Dating can sometimes be a serious subject, and all of us have had experiences with the dark side of matchmaking. But here at Singles Online, we want to put an emphasis on having a good time. After all, dating should be enjoyable. We want to laugh. We want to have thoughtful conversations where we feel we are truly being listened to. We want to find that special someone who truly cares about us. Have fun browsing through our mall, and welcome back anytime.

    We'll finish with a little poem we wrote:

    You're online and the excitement flows, You've got a date and it shows, There's a tingling in your toes, And your heart-rate never slows, What's that buzzing in your head?

    Who knows?

    Your nerves are on fire,As your thoughts turn to desire,But your feelings are in a quagmire:

    What will you wear?What will you say?What will you do?Is this really you?

    We know what you're going through.

    It's a brand new dating day,And we'll help you all the way!

    Ok, that's about us!

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