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> Charismatic, powerful, sexually driven!

When an Aries is into you - you will undoubtedly know it! Aries can be very assertive and at times can drive the one they are interested in away due to their charismatic and powerful energy! The Aries mate demands a sexually driven relationship and needs a lot of spirited, enthusiastic and cooperative energy to keep them interested! They are charming and driven by the attention and accolades they can get from you!

Pursuit of an Aries in relationships!

At first they will pursue, then they will decide if you are the object of their desires! If so then they will proceed to accept your advances and romantic charms; however, they are not attracted to getting too much attention right off the bat! They need to decide for themselves if they want your focus before they will be willing to accept it! They do not like to be chased though, so if you tend to be too assertive and show too much focus before they do, they will quickly lose interest in you!

Taking the lead!

When pursuing Aries in relationships you have to let them take the lead, then once they have given you their heart you can lay on the love, attention and charm! At that point the more focus and attention you give them the more they will give back to you in return.


They do tend to become jealous easily so you must be sure they are fully the object of your focus, devotion and desire or they can easily become hurt, brooding and pull away; however, if you become jealous or clingy they will lose interest as well! To be with an Aries you need to be a very balanced person and able to sense their needs and rise to the challenge!

The challenge!

Loving an Aries in relationships can be a challenge! Their actions and words or lack of words do not always match up with what they anticipate from you! They want a lot of attention but do not want you to cling to them. They want passion and romance but do not want you to over pursue them. They want you to be devoted only to them and need to know you care only for them, but they do not want you to make your life about them. They do not want you to become jealous even if they become jealous! They basically want you to be all the things they are too afraid to be!

Do not misunderstand them!

Even though there is a bull headed nature about this sign, do not misunderstand them - deep down they only want to be appreciated and in many ways are like an innocent youth that needs to know they are on the right path. They are guarded and do not often wear their hearts on their sleeve so you have to pay attention to the early signs of interest because later on are not all that wordy with the “I love yous”! So, having a good sense of self and self worth is important!


Aries can be very stubborn by nature and if faced with a challenge, they honestly need to “win,” so being able to let your Aries save face is a good thing - pick and choose when you wish to press an issue with your Aries mate! They have fragile egos underneath the bravado!

Needs a very special person!

Honestly I enjoy the Aries mentality but it is a special someone who can really thrive in a relationship with this sign! Granted every Aries will be a bit different depending on their exact date of birth and time of birth, but overall, to be with an Aries in a long term relationship takes a very mature person who is able to know when to let things lie and when to lay on the accolades - when to step back and let your Aries shine in his or her own light! You must be well balanced and know when to lavish them with attention and affections and when to let them be the one to step up and show their skills of pursuit and passion! Aries is perfect for the individual who loves a challenge and likes to be kept on their toes!

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