Capricorn relationships - by Azzrian Visions

While every Capricorn is different, based on time and day of birth and overall planetary alignments, we can take a look at the basics of Capricorn relationships and what they look for in a love match.

  • Capricorn is a realist who needs stability in a mate. They desire and look for a person who is at the very least equal to their standing in society and desire someone who can add to their own lives in a positive way.
  • They are practical people, and while they do enjoy fine things in their lives, they tend to be minimalists focusing more on the basics than having fancy things. They are not easily impressed with those who splurge or spend great amounts of money unless they have the means to do so.
  • While I do not want to give the impression that a Capricorn in love is a gold digger only interested in those who can afford a good life, they do tend to gravitate toward those who have forged a successful path for themselves.
  • The reason for this is because of an innate desire for security. Capricorn is an investor, a planner and a worrier and they want to be sure that they have their own finances in balance.

  • Capricorns can be extremely loyal to the ones they love. Once they give their heart to someone, they are in deep. They are devoted and passionate lovers who will make sure that romance is a big part of the relationship.
  • For the Capricorn hard work is a huge turn on. Often they will find themselves falling for a co-worker because they desire someone with a like mindedness.
  • If you are falling for a Capricorn, the best way to his/her heart is by showing determination while being industrious and a hard worker.

  • Pitching in with yard work, fixing things around the home, being the handy man or maid is not something that should seem demeaning to you because they will jump right up and join you in the process! It will become a co-effort that will make them feel you have the same goals as they do! However, don’t go in faking it. If you do not enjoy working hard and making a comfortable home life don’t bother.
  • Capricorn is a good judge of character and can sniff out a fraud easily! Capricorns have been known to fall hard but not easily! They have an astute mind and are very selective in who they spend their time with. If the Capricorn you have your heart set on is responsive to your calls, then that is a very good sign you are catching his or her heart as well; however, if your calls are going unanswered, then it is best to accept that you are not going to capture the Capricorn's heart.
  • They give effort only to the things and people they feel a connection to. They are direct and do not waste time, yours or their own, and they do not mince words. If you ask a Capricorn for honesty, then honesty is what you will get.
  • So, are you in one of these Capricorn relationships?

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