The free love e cards solution from Singles-Online-Dating-Mall

C A R E - C A R D S

Free love e cards are part of our promise to give you every possible advantage in your pursuit of finding and keeping that special someone. Since every mall has a card store, we didn't want singles-online-dating-mall to go without such a valuable service.

So, we came up with a Mallmarks store offering Care-Cards for every possible dating situation and occasion.

What's great about this service is that it is absolutely free - free to use at any time, in any situation and as many times as you like. So let's get into how you go about using the system.

  • 1. Access the system by clicking on the Care-Cards link below.
  • 2. When you arrive at the opening page, just click on any of the cards that you like. Or, you can click on the Image Uploader on the right hand side of the screen to upload your own image.
  • A list of features will appear for you to choose. Make sure you give all the information. Do not worry about giving your e-mail address. The system is set up to protect it from spammers!
  • Preview the card, make any changes necessary, and then send it. That's all it takes.


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