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J date:Put your fate in the hands of Jdate.

If you are single and want to find someone with the same basic Jewish beliefs while looking to stay within your faith and eventually realizing your Jewish wedding vows and Jewish sayings, there is no better online spiritual dating service than Jdate.com.

Packed into the website are so many features that finding someone is all but guaranteed. Online since 1997, J date is a professional service with professional products.

Success is only a click away with Click Alerts that match you to your ideal partner. Click yes, no or maybe to anyone. If two people click yes, you will both get an alert and you are off and running. Of course, the next step is up to you.

Communications - Post up to 30 flirts a day, send personalized e-cards, instant messages, e-mail and mingling in their online chat rooms is all part of the membership price.

Post replies to topics on their daily message boards. Become part of their community by having fun at the Forum where you will be entertained just reading some of the replies. And yes, they help you write up a great profile with questions and suggestions to eliminate "writer's block."

Jmag-Advice - read pertinent articles about famous Jewish personalities in the Yada Yada section, get dating advice in Dating Talk, and discover the amazing success stories in over a decade of matchmaking for the Jewish singles scene.

Events - planned monthly, Jewish events take place in city after city across the country. Not only do you have an opportunity to meet online, but also in person at one of these carefully planned parties catering only to Jewish singles.

Adventure at J-date Village - speaking of meeting someone in person, J date schedules a yearly travel adventure. This year, 2009, meet your true love at Breezes Resort, Nassau, The Bahamas. Scheduled Friday - Wednesday, December 25-30, 2009. Enjoy 5 days and 4 nights with never ending parties, total sports activities both on and off land, all day dining options with gourmet buffet, and luxurious accommodations with about 600 other Jewish singles all waiting to meet you. This is community at its best.

Sounds great, doesn't it. We thought so too. If you are interested in meeting your Jewish soulmate, just visit Jdate

and follow the path to continuing Jewish traditions for years to come.

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