Libra Man In Love, Libra personality profile - by Azzrian Visions
Another wonderful zodiac love compatibility report!

Libras are known for being fair and balanced, hence their symbol on the scales.

  • They tend to take a lot of time to think things through, especially where emotions are concerned. They need to know they are making the right choices and for the right reasons.
  • Many of my Libra friends will contact me regarding relationships but they already have their answer. They just want someone to play devil’s advocate or to bounce their own thoughts off of me. This is the nature of Libra. They are intelligent and they usually know what they want and how to get there, but they see so many shades of gray it is easy for them to become overwhelmed and stall out.
  • Libras need to know that their partner is also equally involved, taking part and feeling the same feelings they are. They need that sense of equality and balance from the one they love.
  • However, a Libra can also appreciate differences in their partner as long as these differences can be mutually beneficial. Sometimes when a Libra is with their opposite it can help them both see different viewpoints to consider, and Libra loves to consider things.
  • As long as there is respect toward each other the Libra can handle being with someone opposite of himself or herself. They don't need for you to agree with everything they think and feel but they do need to know you respect their opinion as well.
  • One aspect of Libra that can frustrate a loved one is the time they take to make choices or come to conclusions. They do not rush this process, and can at times appear to be uninterested. They reserve their input, words and actions during this process.
  • When Libra appears to be too reserved, holding back with communication or taking action, you can almost count on knowing that they have something big brewing in their hearts or minds.
  • Libra is passionate but they can also have a flighty side to them as well.
  • They are logical and emotional – they are balanced. However balance does not mean at times the scales cannot tip to one extreme side. When Libra is feeling fear, lack of confidence or confusion they tend to go to one extreme or the other. But, Libra does not stay in this flux for long. They need the feeling of stability and being assured, and they will work hard to find that happy middle ground once again.
  • If you win the heart of a Libra you can expect to be treated fair, for them to see your emotional needs and meet them, for them to be considerate, caring, kind and romantic!
  • However, a Libra, especially a Libra man in love, is very much in need of an ego boost, so be aware of this in your relationship.

  • Once they make up their mind about something it is as good as law! It is near impossible to change the mind of your Libra mate once they make a decision, so be sure you are ready to give in at times because the Libra ego can be delicate if challenged.
  • The verdict is still out on your Libra love. Will you find your Libra woman or Libra man in love to be indecisive and flighty, egotistical and needy or will you find them to be warm and romantic, fair and balanced? Perhaps you are the perfect match for this complex and cautious creature!

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