New-Century-Dating rules for women

The New-Century-Dating arena:

1.How ellegible is he? We've seen the results. We've been right there through the heartache. And, we have watched as our friends collapsed under the strain of dating someone who is married. They sometimes say that all the good men and women are already taken, but we know from experience that this isn't true. We wouldn't want to see anyone else go through the unhappiness of a love affair that wasn't meant to be.

2. Let sleeping dogs lie! Dating can be a little nerve-racking, but it should be fun. We want you to have as much fun as possible so be yourself and leave your problems behind you. We know that many people that date are looking for that special guy who will take the place of their last boyfriend, but wouldn't it be better to live in the moment with new possibilities rather than dwell on past relationships? You'll be glad you followed this rule - not many guys are up to hearing about your ex-boyfriend.

3. I hope they will like him. Women are wonderful when it comes to caring about others. They put a great deal of effort into the love they give to their families, kids, and friends. But sometimes they put little emphasis into pleasing themselves. They might be thinking about how everyone else will react to the new 'boyfriend,' when they might be better off putting those thoughts aside. Remember, if you like him, most probably everyone else will.

4. Do you know how to juggle or do you put all your eggs into one basket? I was looking for an apartment for my daughter one day when I got caught up in a conversation with the sales coordinator who told me that she just got married. She had been down that path about dating just one person for several months until it fizzled out; then she proceeded to find someone else in a never-ending pattern of hope and loss. She finally decided to date around, going out with three or four men at a time. By doing this, she became more confident - knowing that if one didn't work out, she still had others to choose from. One of those men fell in love with her and was jealous that she was seeing other men. He pursued her until they were married. She found it so sweet that he was upset that he had to 'share' her. A little jealousy was a strong motivator, but she wasn't doing it to trick him into marrying her - she just did not want to go down the same road again. Dating around keeps you confident and in control with this New-Century-Dating twist.
Now, that's a switch!

5. I know he's the one! Ok, so you have been dating for a few months. You think this one might be the one. This is the time when you might want to approach the subject. But, sometimes it causes men to run the other way. Two people should be learning about each other so much that it naturally leads to true love. You'll discover it together. You'll both know it in your hearts that you are meant to be with each other. People who rush into marriage before really getting to know each other usually end up separating. We don't want this happening to you. It's good to let it happen naturally, not push it along before the right time. Of course, you also have to know that after a certain time period, you might need to move on.

6. 21ST century woman Acting confident sets you apart from so many others. Men really do appreciate intelligent,confident women. Not all men do, but wouldn't it be nice to have someone who appreciates you for being you? Isn't it important to be accepted as an equal in every facet of life? Or are you a......

7. 19TH century woman Many years ago when I was in college, I met a very popular, extraordinarily beautiful woman whose sole purpose was to find a husband. She had a different date every night and pencilled me in for sometime in April. This was dating around to the extreme. I knew she was looking for someone special, but exactly what, shocked me. One morning while waiting for a ride I overheard a conversation between her and a girlfriend where she announced that the only way to have a great life with a man was to put that man above everyone else in what she referred to as a master-slave relationship. This sounds awfully familiar to the recent news of the Texas polygamy community.

Would it work out?

Realizing that she might be setting herself up for something she was unable to handle, I have never stopped thinking about whether she found her one true love, and I hope to this day she chose wisely, and had the kind of life she wanted. Do you think she did?

The camping trip.

About 15 years ago Susan and I were on a camping trip and met this middle-aged woman who really had the gift of gab and was delighting us with stories of her many camping adventures. When her husband approached and started to talk, this woman stopped abruptly, took a step back and actually bowed her head (I kid you not) while her husband continued the conversation.


Even in this New-Century-Dating environment we continue to hear stories of how women change themselves to try to fit into the lifestyle of the men they are dating. Changing hairstyle, dressing to please, and switching musical tastes just to try to make it work still happens. We wonder if these women are really happy. How about you? Are you the kind of woman who does this? We hope not, because we want you to experience it all. That's what it should be all about. Having fun by being you and having your own identity while dating is so important. It shows that you are confident and will not settle on just anyone. There are men out there who want the same thing. It just takes a little work to find them.

8. Comfortable, confident dress for New-Century-Dating: It's natural to want to impress with what we wear on a date. It is also important to make sure you are comfortable. We've witnessed many women who constantly pull at the hems of their short dresses to know they are not concentrating on what is important - to have fun. We want you to look great and impress your date. We also believe you deserve a worry-free appearance. Men perceive different things from the way you dress - a worry free appearance makes sure that they won't have an inappropriate conception of you. And remember, you look great in anything you wear. I know my wife does. (a little flattery for.....

Enjoy! 9. We want you to have fun. That's what it's all about. Go places where you both will enjoy it. The more creative, the better. And remember that the more you can laugh the greater the fun it will be for both of you.

Isn't New-Century-Dating fun?

Those are the New-Century-Dating tips for women. Want to peak at the dating tips for men?

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