Why date online?

Why date online?
Hundreds of years ago when people lived in small communities and a young woman inquired about a young man, chances are someone knew everything about him.

With that knowlege, the young woman could make up her mind whether or not she might be interested. Today, communities are too large. Online dating gives you the advantage of knowing everything about that person before you meet, just as it was done centuries ago. It makes dating so much easier. That is why we wrote this why date online column. We want to help make it easy.

  • Unlimited choices -
  • It definitely beats the bar scene night after night. Seeing the same types over and over can be a drag. Online provides thousands of singles at your fingertips which will help prove that variety is the spice of life. Online is considered the yellow pages of dating. Let your fingers do the walking.

  • Speed-
  • It helps you find someone or two or three with the same interests very quickly. We don't know of too many people who can handle more than one at a time at the bar scene. I never could.

  • Savings-
  • Thirty nights at a bar can be quite expensive compared to the minor cost of an online dating service.

  • Profiles -
  • A dating service allows you to really get to know someone before the first date. Singles Online Dating Mall covers the best online services so you can shop till you drop, anytime, day or night! Visit best-online-dating to read our spin on what you need from an online service and the only companies we recommend. You'll find some major players left off the list because we cover only the best.

  • Avoidance -
  • You can avoid all those ridiculous pickup lines. But if you really miss them, click over to our Funfest section to read about the lines you'll be missing. And we invite you to add to our list.

  • Success -
  • Online dating works. Thousands of married couples are a result. Every dating service has hundreds of testimonials of couples who swear by the company that introduced them.

  • Safety -
  • Online dating is as safe or safer than meeting someone at a bar or anywhere else that doesn't give you enough time for making that all-important personal judgement about him/her. All the best dating services give you numerous options to help you free yourself of any worries. There are ways to remain perfectly anonymous until you are absolutely sure. We also help you by giving you excellent safety tips in the Fear Factor section of our mall.

    Why date online? Just try it and you'll know exactly what we are talking about. And, you'll be glad you did!

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