Aquarius Love Traits! By Azzrian Visions

Aquarius January 21 – February 19

An Aquarius love match needs a lot of space and freedom and will not be held back by those who need a lot of attention!

Aquarians are very interesting individuals, and they will surprise you with the ways in which they will show you love and attention. But, they have a problem with being consistent or living up to expectations which are usually considered normal for love mates!

  • They do not do anything normal for that matter but live by a beat of their own drum and you can only hope to try to keep up with their next adventure!
  • They also by nature are adventurous people so they do not like to be controlled! They match best with signs who can be easygoing and live and let live!
  • They enjoy exploration but this does not mean that they are not thinking about you! They very well could be sitting somewhere on a mountain top dreaming about you and thinking, "how wonderful it would be if you were here with me, all the while enjoying the view all on their own! They need time for introspection and imagination!

    The Aquarian needs a lot going on around them and is always ready to go to the next level with experiences!

  • They are ready for any challenge and have a lot of friends and a huge social circle with all types of people from all walks of life.
  • They need to self-educate through different experiences. This can become a source of contention because those who are not very secure and self assured tend to feel that their Aquarian love mate is looking elsewhere for fun and pleasure! This is NOT the case most of the time.
  • More often than not they are simply trying to get a different view from a different type of person, experience or situation. It is not a matter of you not being “enough” for them; you just only have your view and they want every view they can get! They want to look off of the mountaintop from every possible direction!
  • If you are secure, have a strong personality and live a life of your own, and not dependent on your Aquarius mate, then your love will always be returned to the security of home, loyalty and devotion.
  • The best Aquarius love traits match is with someone who has a strong personality and a lot of confidence! You cannot be dependent on them to boost your ego because they often fall short of doing so! They will however show you in their own, sometimes bizarre ways, how they feel about you.
  • If you like the unexpected and imaginative, an Aquarius is perfect for you, but if you are a traditionalist who wants dinner and a movie and roses on special occasions, then you best think twice about a romance with the Aquarius!

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