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Christiancafe, a best Christian dating sites community connects couples looking for soul mate compatibility and to test true love! We do not recommend any other online Christian dating sites - that's how much we love Christian Cafe!

If you are single and looking to meet someone who shares your beliefs, there are thousands of people online at this caring and thoughtful website. Whether it be for companionship or for a true soulmate, you will find it here. One of the neat things about this company is that you get a free, ten day trial that includes every product except audiovisual e-mail and chat rooms.

Christiancafe is a true, spiritually oriented company - unlike other spiritual dating sites out there.

A company that is truly dedicated to its customers is the only way we feel that people can find a soulmate, while relaxing in a cozy, online cafe.

Several years ago when Susan and I were living in Arizona, we were friends with a couple who lived in a townhouse across from ours. Every time we visited their house you could just feel the love that was evident between these two. And their love of the Lord was foremost in their minds. They knew the grand picture of what their lives would be together in Christ, and it was so evident, we experienced that warm, fuzzy feeling every time we got together.

We want everyone to have that warm, fuzzy feeling, so we are delighted to recommend this extraordinary dating service. . Here is a sample of what they offer:

  • Detailed, Spiritually-focused profiles.
  • Extensive search capabilities.
  • Instant messaging with audio and video for paid members.
  • E-mail and alerts to who viewed your profile.
  • Winks.
  • Excellent, quick customer service.
  • Prayer page.
  • Chat rooms for paying members.
  • Testimonials:
  • "We give God all the honor and glory, but was the instrument He used to cause our lives to be joined on the same path. It is something that neither of us could have done on our own. If I had searched the world over, I would not have found what I found in Lisa. This is a match truly made in heaven."

    "Through I met sooooo many great friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. And, especially I met my best friend, boyfriend and husband to be. I am soooo thankful to you all for blessing me so much that way."

    Experience the best Christian dating sites at Christiancafe!

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