Compatibility for Scorpios

Compatibility for Scorpios - by Azzrian Visions

Scorpio is a passionate sign. They love deeply and fully but they are not one to be messed with. If you are thinking of a casual relationship with a Scorpio you better be prepared to let them know right up front of your intentions! Scorpio can handle a casual affair as long as they do not think or feel your intentions are otherwise, because if they should fall for you and your heart is not with them, they will be deeply wounded and will lash out with a viscous sting! The surest way to end you compatibility for scorpios!

  • You absolutely must be on the up and up with a Scorpio, anything less than 100% honesty is too little and if you fail to give that honesty and are caught in a love triangle or a lie you better look out!
  • Scorpio is a very sexy and sexual sign, romance and encounters of passion are many, however Scorpio needs someone who is at his or her level when it comes to fun and games and often times love can be a game for them as much as a reality. There needs to be a balance of fun and excitement as well as heart and sincerity. They need someone who is open and willing to try new angles!
  • One of Scorpio’s most dangerous character traits is jealousy and they can become jilted easily. They need to know they are in fact the center of your focus, at least when it comes to the heart.
  • Scorpio likes to be in control or at least let to feel they are. Battles of will can ensue if you are not willing to be a bit crafty. Sometimes when wanting compatibility for scorpios it helps to know a little chess, because there are ways to let a Scorpio think that what you want is really their idea and that is usually all they really need, to be allowed to feel they have the upper hand. It does not hurt to let them win a few matches as well. Chances are however you will have a hard time beating them at a “game” to begin with because Scorpio is quite strong and usually quite intelligent and crafty!
  • Scorpio as a general rule needs three components to make a love match: Sex, Love and Money.
  • 1. Sex being the most important! They are expressive, fun, sometimes silly and always passionate in bed. They like to try new things, so being sexually introverted is not what they want in a mate! If you are not willing to go to the limits when it comes to love making then it is better left to just ditch the Scorpio romance or learn to let go and try new things!

    2. I am sure that your Scorpio mate can teach you a thing or two and they will absolutely enjoy doing so! On that note, if you are already quite “experienced” and already know all their moves, be sure you don’t mention this! Allow them to think they are teaching you something because if they feel you to be as sexually experienced as they are then their ego kicks in and makes them wonder if they are the best lover you have had, if you have had too many sexual partners and that typical Scorpio jealous streak will come out!

    Now I feel I have given Scorpio a bad wrap here, other than being AMAZING in bed, but there are other wonderful character traits to your Scorpio mate!

  • Scorpio can be extremely loyal and tender; they are usually good communicators who appreciate a partner who can speak with them on many levels, not just about sex.

    1. They DO like challenge although I have pointed out that they like to WIN!

    2. They also need a reason to feel a win as well, so they need someone who is their emotional and mental equal or perhaps even a tad bit above them so they can feel a sense of challenge. They do not like to win an easy match or they feel no pride in that.

    So if you like a little mental strategy feel free to test your compatibility for Scorpios and learn how your partner deals with coming close to losing. You will need to learn when to pull back just enough so that the Scorpio pride can stay intact.

  • Scorpio needs a partner who accepts them for who they are because they work hard to be the best they can be. They do not like to be judged and need someone with an open mind and heart who is willing to learn with them.
  • If you have found yourself in love with a Scorpio and you feel you are up to the muster, then know that you will have a devoted and very caring life partner!

    Do you have a compatibility for Scorpios? I'ts going to be a wild ride to find out!

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