Couple compatibility tests:

Test true love with compatibility tests. We researched the various dating sites and wanted to find those that give tests to find the right people to date. I'll have to admit we were not impressed with many of them, but we chose two that offer couple compatibility tests and two that were general dating sites.

Only four major dating sites in our dating reviews? Okay, we're really sticklers when it comes to online dating services. We want your dating to be successful, so have a look at the following comparisons.

And feel free to look below to find out why we left out so many.


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Biology and matchmaking are amazingly unique! Test true love with this can't fail personality test!
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One month.. 49.95

3 months for 49.95 Go is the worldwide leader in online relationship services.
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One month.. 34.99
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Caution: with any subscription it is important that you cancel at least two days before your subscription is up - otherwise they automatically charge you again!!!

Along with all of the company benefits that any serious, single should be looking for, Singles Online Dating Mall has done some of the research for you by eliminating many of the players that do not test true love, and we feel do not measure up to our best online dating sites expectations. There are several reasons why we disagree with quite a few of these services:

  • One of the major players in this market has compatibility questions that will take you hours to complete. Hundreds of questions are not the only problem. In a nutshell we want you to meet someone, but we don't want you to meet your clone. Go with a company that has excellent couple compatibility tests.
  • Another service we eliminated contained pornography that could be easily accessed by minors. We might be a little old-fashioned, but this goes against our basic instincts.

  • One website offered married people a chance for love. Too much harm can come from this. It not only does not test true love, it hurts everyone involved.
  • One site was a conglomeration of hundreds of small dating sites around the country in an effort to falsely boost their numbers and attract people to their business.
  • Another insisted that they meet each individual applicant before they accept you. While this is not a bad idea, there are not enough offices to accommodate everyone. Some people would have to travel hundreds of miles, and that just doesn't make it in our standards for easy dating.
  • Very specific requirements were used to determine these online dating sites that offer couple compatibility tests.

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