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  • Horoscope signs compatibility!
  • E-mail/ instant messaging
  • Instant messaging with video. Advanced video communications feature.
  • Newsletters, polls and e-mail alerts keep singles engaged.
  • Low monthly fees.
  • Create an an easy profile for any or all of the three communities - dating, relationships or intimate encounters dating!
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  • Profile doctor - submit your profile and the doctor offers his analysis.
  • Hotlists of your favorites.
  • Smiles to send to your favorites.
  • Online singles magazine called Click.
  • Lavalife Voice - record personal profiles and have other singles respond.
  • Special ringtones.
  • Lavalife mobile - search profiles, exchange text messages, view pictures, play flirting games and engage in mobile chat.
  • Lavalife prime - designed exclusively for singles 45 and over - launched May 29, 2007.
  • Dating and sex advice.
  • city guide.
  • Love horoscopes.

  • Customer Service? Join Lavalife!
    Lavalife is an extremely popular couple love scene dating site offering free horoscopes love compatibility through Lavalife Click Magazine. One of the best phone dating sites through their mobile services, most people agree that Lavalife is the most fun dating website on the Internet. Several months ago we were given an article that rated the customer service departments of several Fortune 500 companies. Surprisingly, some of the largest companies were considered to haveextremely poor customer service. Most importantly, the more you needed their services the lesscourteous they became.

    I decided to use the pharmaceutical services of one of those companies and arrived to pick up my prescription at 1:25 in the afternoon. One person was ahead of me. When he finished, the clerks closedthe partition and proceeded to go out to lunch - with me standing in line! When I asked a manager tocorrect the problem he went through some motions and talked to the clerk who happened to be amusedby the whole situation. When he returned to me he looked at me as though I was the problem. Do youthink I'll use their services again?

    The Customer Comes First? Whatever happened to customer service where the customer is always right. Whatever happened toreaching out and making customers happy - after all, they are the reason you stay in business?

    The customer and the dating service: The reason why we recommend so few major dating sites is due to how some of them treated us. It was like they could care less about our review - too big to be bothered.We wondered if they treated their customers the same way. The letter and the experiment: We found a company on the Internet that blasted online matchmaking services as scams against the public. Fake ads to bring in business, selling of personal information, constant pop-ups and flashing banners, abuse of credit cards, porn on site and poor customer service. We decided to put to the test and passed the information on to them.

    The response: Within 24 hours we received an answer. The response was amazing, and the pride in which it was given was heartfelt:

  • 200 employees work constantly to serve your every need.
  • Occasionally there is a pop-up to announce a new service.
  • They have the safest and most confidential handling of both your personal and financial information.
  • All profiles and pictures are genuine.

  • Replying to e-mail messages is free, although to initiate the conversation is part of the paid service.
  • They never sell your personal information - not under any circumstances. No spam!
  • They have an intimate community where you can submit sexually oriented pictures, but these are under the strictest guidelines - never do they allow porn on their site.
  • The company has been in operation for over 20 years, ten years on the internet.
  • It has been featured on television, newspaper and radio, reporting it to be one of the worldwide leaders in the industry.
  • We used a three month subscription to find out if they were telling the truth, and we were not disappointed.

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