Practice desire and deception? Don't go there.

Practice desire and deception while dating?Obsessed with someone? Have trust issues in relationships?

Think about this and other dating mistakes that women should avoid. Don't make these common mistakes or else you will put a permanent end to any chance you have of furthering the relationship.

(1) No life story. Keep it short. If he asks you a simple question like, " How many brothers or sisters you have," then just tell him how many. No need to go into a full scale story.Men do not particularly like women who go on and on. Think of the Toby Keith song, "I wanna talk about me!"

(2) Don't mention finances. If he suspects that the relationship is only about finding someone to take care of you, then he will back away quickly!

(3)Please don't lie! When you finally meet in person, you won't have a chance if you've lied about anything!

(4) Don't give out any personal information until you are sure about him!

(5) Don't be too eager! Desperation turns men off! If it's too easy, then you'll lose them. Pushing for a face to face meeting, too many e-mails and I.M.'s will definitely not win you any points. A little hard to get never hurts, but not too much!

Play it safe! Play it cool and confident - even if you don't feel that way. Play it without the dating miscues we talked about and you're on your way!

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