Fastdates and speed dating - first base to home plate in seven minutes?

Fastdates: Speed Dating is a relatively new way of finding your true love, even though it uses the fastest soul mate calculator around!

Since starting in 1998 it has been widely popularized and continues to grow rapidly. You can find these venues in most major cities in the US and it is spreading to the smaller cities - as well as an abundance of this popular dating event in the UK.

Many movies and TV shows have used this technique. So you probably have an idea of how it works. If not -- we will explain…

A group of singles will gather at a venue. Couples are paired up at several two seated tables to begin the first date. Each date will last 2-7 minutes (depending on the rules of that venue) then a bell rings and the men move to the next table in line. If you want to see a person again- you give your information to the host and it is then passed on to that person. Pretty simple and effective. Before and after the “dates” there is plenty of time to mingle - creating a fun, exciting evening for all.

Why has this unique type of courtship proven successful:

  • The opportunity to ask all the right questions!
  • The fun, party like atmosphere - often with door prizes, snacks and drinks!
  • Safety - no last names or any personal information is exchanged that night!

  • Getting to meet in person - allowing that chemistry to spark!

  • There is no doubt that fastdates speed dating is here to stay!

    If you are looking for that special someone, and a new, exciting way to find him/her, then you surely will want to embark on a local event near you!!

    Speed dating rules:

    We would like to express our appreciation to Rhonda Northcutt, the expert who lent her considerable skills in writing this page. Rhonda covers these fastdates events in the Louisville, Kentucky area as well as various places in Indiana.If you would like to attend one of her events go to her website:

    New York Speed Dating

    We will add to this list as we find the best websites around the country.

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