Fitnesssingles:Athletic dating websites magnify the competitive nature of singles looking for true, fitness life partners, and FitnessSingles is the best website to increase the love percentage of finding that special someone.Our challenge - Fitness-Singles covers a boatload of sports. Name one sport they don't have on their website! Looking at this website brought back so many memories of all the sports I've tried over the years.

I remember the time I took scuba lessons only to give up when the instructor informed me that I would never know it if a shark actually attacked. I made sure the shark would never attack.

Then my mom bought me diving lessons. I was scared of heights and hitting the board.

Seasickness put an end to all water sports. The boat trip out to the middle of the lake was sheer hysteria. I kissed the ground when I reached land. Maybe that was why my brother pushed me into joining the coast guard. Thanks, Ken.

Skiing brought on the same fears. Once at the top, I couldn't even look down. I tried ice-skating, but my ankles were not up to the task, and the bruises took a long time to go away. Well, I didn't like the cold anyway! At least my daughter is good at it!

I hit one ball in softball, right to the shortstop. My career ended there. Lucky thing for the major leagues. Well, maybe not. As a young kid in '67 I started rooting for the Red Sox. They lost that year. In 1976, I was in Cincinnati when the Reds beat them in seven games. I was also living in New York when the Mets came from behind to win.Thank God for 2004 - I was beginning to think that I repaced the babe as their curse.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my good friend Rob who introduced me to golf. When I shot my first score of 181 on the Black course I was hooked. It is the passion of my life. And, to my delight, my wife likes to play with me. Golf, that is.

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