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  • Did you know that you can make any woman burst out laughing at you in two minutes and fall in love with you in two hours? You can!

  • Did you know that there is one thing that attracts every woman without fail, one thing that all master pick-up artists share in common?

  • Have you noticed that humor is a common trait of men who are good with women? In fact, most women claim that they want men to make them laugh.
  • We know, almost instinctively that humor is an essential quality of attractive men and a powerful dating tool. But why is it so powerful?

    Flirting jokes bring laughter, pleasure and happiness. What girl doesn't want to have a good time? Who doesn't want to be around a guy who makes you laugh?

    Only guys with unshakable confidence have a great sense of humor - the typical image of a humorous guy is never flustered or too hung up about trivial things. Instead, he's able to have fun in the most difficult situations, and he knows how to make others have fun.

    Simply put, humorous guys are attractive!

    Now the question is: are you the humorous pick-up artist that attracts every woman he meets? If you are than we salute you.

    But, if you need help in the humor department, Martin Merrill has designed a wonderful course specifically written to train men to become better at making women laugh.

    The course will teach you many tested-and-proven humor techniques that can be applied easily in any dating situation. They work 100% of the time!

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