Flirting Mixed Signals – how to avoid them.

Let’s face it guys – flirting is fun, but it can also be disastrous. The chance that sweet gestures and words can turn into bitter smiles and even tear drops is always there. And I mean the teardrops are from you because you lost that chance to become the man of her dreams - all because of some stupid flirting mixed signals.

How’s the weather? Do you come here often?

Boring! When you see her yawning, stop! If you truly want to get past the handshake stage, ask something interesting, something that requires more than a one word or even a one sentence answer. I mean, ask a question like that and where do you go from there? Nowhere! Questions like, what do you do to have fun? , What makes you laugh? What’s your favorite movie and why?, What’s your favorite book and why? List the things you would do on a perfect day all would be great questions to ask.

Serious sends the wrong message!

Do not be so serious. When you were with your friends, you were probably laughing and having a great time, but, when you meet her, you think that she would like you better if you were something different, maybe more like a man she would want to marry. You won’t get anywhere this way. Women like guys who can make them laugh so it is important that you are being yourself because most of them can see right through you.

Be funny but not too funny.

Women want guys that can make them laugh but when you are constantly being funny and joking around she may see you as a dorky kind of guy who has plans of becoming the next stand up comedian. Of course, flirting is all about fun, but most girls want a guy who can carry a grown-up conversation also. Be serious and funny! Balance it out!

Keep the mystery going!

Do not give away every detail. This will make you very boring. Avoid phrases like, “I’ll call you tonight at eight.” You have to leave a little bit to the girl’s imagination. Better yet, “Maybe I’ll call you sometime.” This leaves her wondering if you will actually call. It leaves mystery. When you are prone to telling every single thing to her, the flirting game for both of you will be gone.

How about telling her that you work with your hands for a living and ask her to guess exactly what you do. You can lead her on a mysterious quest telling her when she is hot or cold with her questions. It will definitely keep her engaged in conversation.. You will notice that women are very attracted to that kind of chase so why not give that to her?

Do not let the conversation drag. Keep the mystery going! You want to keep this gorgeous girl in front of you for as long as possible – you don’t want to lose her. However, as the conversation starts to break, you find yourself staring at your toes, repeating the things you said that were funny during the beginning. Soon enough, the dreaded 10 second silence occurs and she departs before you know it.

The right approach here is to leave when you are at the peak of the conversation, but walk away with her phone number in your hand, or better yet, give her your phone number and leave. She’s asking herself, why didn’t he ask for my phone number. Every guy I meet wants to get my phone number, so why not him? I’ll bet she calls you the next day!

Don’t do what every other guy does!

Avoid sucking up! You can tell the girl how pretty she is and how much you love her smile but in reality, she does not care. Every other guy falls all over himself to try to impress her. She is used to it. This is definitely one of the flirting mixed signals to avoid. Most attractive women prefer being teased rather than being praised because they get that all the time. When you suck up too much, girls think that you do not have the confidence to get them.

Other flirting mixed signals

Do not talk about another girl! This is a big turn off and one of the reasons why guys get rejected all of the time. When you are pursuing someone, avoid talking about how good someone else looks, especially if you are comparing her with that girl. Avoid looking at other women! Also, do not answer your phone if another girl is calling you. She will definitely be offended! Absolutely make sure that your time is for her alone.

Avoid the bedroom voice. Some guys talk too softly just so the girl will lean towards them.. You might not want to go there! It hurts when they slap you! Most guys talk softly so that they can hold a girl’s hand but when you are still at the flirting stage, it’s a turn off, unless she is truly attracted to you. At this stage, she’s probably not.

  • Lies will get you byes. Enough said!
  • Flirting is an art. There will always be a winner and a loser. It can also be compared to roulette where chance plays an important factor. But no matter how you view it, if you can control at least a few elements on the game of flirting, your chance to succeed will increase!

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