Flirting tips for shy girls by Jackie Burns

Phenomenal Flirting for the Frozen Wallflower - a how-to guide for the shy girl:

Dating is hard. I know, you're thinking, it's supposed to be fun, and it can be. But modern dating is nothing like the courtships of long ago. Today you need to be confident, outgoing, and social. You need to know what to say when and how. Guys feed into your physical cues, facial cues, and social cues even if you don’t think you are sending any! And the expectations on women have changed – gone are the days when men did all of the work.

Face it, the rules have changed. I think that this is a great thing – it gives us gals more freedom and voice in our social relationships. But what do you do when you are the quiet girl? You want to be in a serious and committed relationship, and you have just as much to offer, as much as any other social butterfly – you just don’t know how to advertise. Well, girls, you have come to right place. Turns out, you shy gals are not at all shy when it comes to sharing tips on how to flirt that have worked for you. This is what you shared:

Tip #1: Learn to Make Eye Contact.

Tip #2: Let Go of the Shy Girl Label

Tip #3: Forget that it’s Personal – Make it your Homework

Tip #4: Don’t Force It

Tip #5: Strut Your Stuff

Tip #6: Be Ready for Your Moment – it will come

So read on. You might read your story and the happily ever after that can be yours – with a little help from your friends.

Flirting tips for shy girls tip #1 - Former Wallflower Lissa P. – It’s All in the Eyes

Shy Girls Tip #2 - Let go of the Shy Girl Label

Final Tips for Shy Girls