Fun free things to do is our favorite place on our website. We hope you will read the love stories online, including short love stories and poems, match love games and other free fun games to play. We hope to provide you more and more as time goes by, and we hope you will share your favorite stories on these pages!

Funfest is our greatest delight, and one of the areas we wanted to put in our mall where websurfers would be able to submit their own stories about the relationships they have been in. We want these to be either funny, hilarious, heartwarming, triumphant, spectacular, shocking or just interesting experiences for all of us to share.

As in any area of this kind we would have the final say as to what we consider to be appropriate, but please don't let that keep you from writing to us. We know the stories are out there! We also want to point out that if Gail Thomason could write her story for all the world to see, then no one has any excuses not to try. We believe you've got the talent, and we want to hear from you. I'll start it all by showing you a poem I wrote to my wife, Susan.

Love stories online:

A poem to my wife! Would you marry me again?

The full body sensuous massage - He was stirring in the dark, and as he awoke he signalled me to move closer...

The Pick-up Artist! The dreaded or not so dreaded banter of men on the hunt. (submitted by Christy Norvell)

Interactive love games:

Love match game

Balancing act!



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