Gemini relationships

Gemini relationships by Azzrian Visions:

The Gemini in relationships need two things

Independence and Attention

Contradictory yes! The Gemini is exactly like that! A walking contradiction! To keep up with your Gem flame you need to be a quick thinker and always on the go.

  • Gemini easily become bored in relationships so try to be adventurous.
  • Remember that Gemini always need plenty of free space to breathe!
  • Gemini men especially need extra room and some privacy.
  • Gemini women need to feel that they are number one on your list, even though at times they do not make you feel the same.
  • Gemini love gadgets and electronics, and they have a wonderful sense of humor, so if you are looking for that perfect gift or special date, keep these things in mind.

  • Gemini love live theatre and concerts where they feel they can be a part of the show. They are, in fact, always at the center of attention, so if you are one to easily get jealous or feel left out, this may not be the love match for you

  • Gemini are very talented people who can do practically anything they set their minds to, but they often fall short of completion of any project because once they feel they have mastered the task they move on to the next big thing. You must be prepared to keep up!!!
  • They are adventurous and fun-loving and like to be active! Sitting around the house and cuddled up watching a movie may not be their favorite thing to do. Instead, try going to mini-golf or cruising around town for your dates.
  • Conversation - be sure to be alert and on your toes when it comes to conversation because the Gemini are very social and intellectual. If they do not know about a topic they can at least fake their way through it with astounding accuracy! They are naturally intuitive and it is hard to fool a gem. Being honest is your best bet in all things having to do with Gemini relationships!
  • Outgoing, social,active,imaginative, being in the spotlight, fun loving, intelligent, witty and sharp tongued are all words to describe your Gemini love interest.
  • Word of caution: Do not hurt a Gemini! They are at times very vindictive and will usually get the better of you if you give them good cause!
  • They are prone to take risks, so if you are not up to the challenge, you may want to think twice about dating a Gem.

  • Dating a Gemini can be extremely rewarding! If you are trustworthy and show them that you can be dependable, they will be loyal to the end! They will go out of their way to help you with anything. They are naturally caring even if they do not show it on the surface. They are just very cautious people who do not easily get attached.

    If you have won the heart of a Gemini, then you have done a very great thing! Having a Gemini relationship will bring you lots of surprises for a very, long time!

    Thank you Azzrian!

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