Ask the important get to know you questions for online dating .

Get to know you questions for online dating :these surveys sample questions will help before you actually meet!

Ok, we're jumping the gun a little here, but think of the very wealthy men and women who ask for a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets before they marry. Not an easy task, especially if it's true love!

No one wants to ask get to know you questions like the ones we're going to suggest. If you feel comfortable with the first two, you can slip them in at the beginning of your online relationship. The answers you get will enlighten you on what to avoid.

The third question is a little trickier. Only use it if you still have doubts about your prospect. The answers will tell you if you want to go further or move on. Question one is the easiest:

  • What are the biggest mistakes the opposite sex makes when dating online? Listen carefully because the answers can reveal much about his or her view of the opposite sex. This will definitely keep you from doing the same dumb things.
  • What do you really think of online dating? This might reveal past mistakes and bad experiences while helping you to avoid those same problems. It also might give you insight into the fear the other person has. You can easily cancel those fears by setting up safeguards before you meet. Meeting at a public place, not asking for too much personal information, etc. will go a long way to ease those fears and put you on the right path.
  • Let's talk about the hardest question to ask! What caused the breakup in your last relationship? Tough question, but if asked properly, "I just want to know the things that bothered you so I won't make the same mistakes," then all should go well.

    If your prospect blames it all on the other person, you should move on. If he/she takes all the blame, then drop them. But, if it was a mutual breakup, the relationship wasn't right for either of them, then by all means move forward. Always with caution!

  • Asking the important questions will give you insight and make you more confident to proceed. Of course, you also want to ask questions to make them feel good about meeting with you. Make them laugh! Make them want to meet you. And, by all means, have fun!

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