Leo love match - by Azzrian Visions!

Are you a Leo? Wondering what compatibility between two signs would be your best match? What soul mate indicators you must have?

While there is no hard set rule that things will work out, we can help you increase your chances of love success by showing you the best sign for you to date!

So as a Leo, you know that you are the life of the party, outgoing and have an amazing personality!

Proud Leo must have someone who can match his/her energy! Adventurous Leo needs a companion who will keep up with his/her interests and even add some new ideas to the mix! So, who would be the best Leo love match?

Who better to do this than your perfect mate...Gemini!

Now bear in mind, Gemini like Leo likes to be the center of attention, so instead of battling it out with your Gemini gem, learn to share and be the COUPLE in the spotlight. Both of you are charming, witty and social. Both of you like adventure and become easily bored. So, both of you can and should create great fun in each other's lives!

  • Gemini will always keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what experience will surface next.
  • A Gemini will help you achieve your dreams and goals and add new and creative ideas to show you how you can accomplish anything you desire!
  • You will not be bored or idle with a Gemini soul mate! They will often come to you with a last minute plan or escape to transform your life into an amazing roller coaster ride!

  • Caution: Gemini can be sharp tongued when hurt or feeling on the defense, but Leo does not like to be put on the defense either. As long as the two of you stay away from intentionally baiting or hurting each other, you guys will be just fine!
  • Competition can also become a problem, so do your best to balance the equation by letting each of you become a winner from time to time!
  • When the right key is struck between Leo and Gemini, it can be like bliss. I cannot write this article without mentioning that the sexual tension and enjoyment between these two signs is nothing less than magic!

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