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The year was 1995 and searching for that special someone would be made much easier with a new company that would become the worldwide leader in online relationship services. Not only do they know how to create a love connection, but they back it up with superior service and products.

Narrow down your search beginning with gender, age and zipcode, then refine it from there with Matchwords - keywords that pertain to your individual personality. Connect to people with similar interests, physical characteristics, lifestyle, background and values.

Work with a simple and fun way to create a profile complete with that exciting picture ofyourself. Personality and compatibility tests complete your ultimate online portfolio. Created by Helen Fisher, the expert behind, this personality test is just perfect.

Talk? - Want to talk on the phone without giving away any information? They create a unique phone number for you to use with your connection. Not only that, but an e-mail will be sent with your request to talk. Talk as long as you like without worry. Your real number is never listed. Voicemail will take over if the caller is not in. Include a warm greeting if you like. Direct your calls to wherever you are at the time, whether it be at home, work, or at the beach.

Total privacy from other members. Double blind e-mail system replaces your e-mail address with your username. Example:

Includes a simple way to say no, thankyou.

Make Love Happen Guarantee - Purchase a six month membership and follow a few simple rules tofind your true love. If not, get an additional six months free of charge. You are required to posta photo and have a clear, concise profile.

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  • Favorites page to nail down your best choices. Save up to fifty members.
  • Connections page to save e-mails and winks.
  • Member spotlight - place your profile in a two week spotlight for all members to see.
  • Instant messaging from computer or cell phone.
  • Wink until you blink - up to 50 winks a day. Windows alerts when someone winks or e-mails you.
  • Mutual viewing capability allows you to view members who are interested in you.
  • One month, three month and six month subscription plans.
  • The company is part of a 60 company conglomerate. As a member you are notified of all these special promotions, offers, contests and sweepstakes before they are announced to the general public.
  • Dating advice and news in Happen magazine.

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