The art of flirting - Male body language flirting tips!

The best male body language flirting tips are guaranteed to get the girl. Use these good flirting tips and you will have her right where you want her, guaranteed!

Male body language flirting Tips for Men

Ok, guys, we love to flirt - it's so part of us we must have mastered it long before the term was even invented. I guess evolution made man more into flirting like women are into fashion and shopping. So there’s no reason for any man not to be able to flirt with the opposite sex. They are built that way. Flirting is an instinct vital to us!!! After all, we get a real thrill when it works plus a sense of accomplishment. It's fun! Want some tips - hear it from women who know.

“If he can’t even flirt with me properly, then there’s a good chance he doesn’t know a lot in life or in bed. Who wants a guy like that? I certainly don’t,” Monique, 27.

There is more to male body language flirting than meets the eye; Call it science, call it art, call it whatever you want – flirting is unavoidable, and unless you want to be a 40-year-old virgin, you will learn to flirt. Whether you’re compelled to do it to fulfill your role as Adam or you just want to do it for fun or to boost your ego. Flirting should be done effectively and creatively. You don't want a Monique, do you?

Because competition is high, too many guys trying to flirt with few women makes it especially important to have have these male body language flirting tips to guide you. Here are some of the best tips we gathered.

  • Use Humor. When we say use your sense of humor, you don’t have to act like Jim Carrey just to show off. Women like it when a guy knows where to tickle them, not literally of course. Humor is an important aspect in flirting both online and offline. In fact, women do love an enduring relationship with men who can really make them laugh. So use your humor as much as you can. But never ever overdo it. If you do, it will only give them a negative impression about you. Ever wondered how those not so good looking comedians were able to get tall and gorgeous girls? “If he can make me laugh, he can make me happy. Isn’t happiness everything?” says Aimee, 31. You have the answer with humor.
  • Be Smart. And no, we didn’t mean Einstein level-smart. Of course that might work sometimes, but girls in general do not like the dorky-geeky type of guy. Do not talk binary codes or like a classic walking Encyclopedia. No girl would want to talk to a speaking computer, unless she has a unique fetish. If you watched Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe and you think his intelligence really worked, well, that’s really an isolated case, but as a general rule think of Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo Di Caprio; he’s street smart, charming and knows his way around women.
  • Be more Authentic. Just be yourself. There’s no reason to fake it all just to attract the woman that you like. Who knows, she might like you back, but she’s admiring someone who isn’t really showing her the real him. And besides, even if you disguise or pretend, she’ll see right through you, since most women are good in reading male body language flirting actions.

  • Take a full leadership of her physical aspects. This is actually one of the advanced male body flirting tips for most men. It is extremely powerful since women love to be led by men. “I love it when the guy takes care of me, leads me. I just want to be as carefree as much as I can,” Minda, 21. If you know how to exhibit a level of physical leadership from the time you first met her, then she will feel the attraction towards you.
  • Keep Mystery. When you talk to a woman, show her how you feel but never reveal your feelings. Creating a sense of mystery will keep her hanging, and with that, she will be more interested in you. But you should know how to determine if she’s interested or is just being too friendly. See if she keeps on sending you all the right signals. When telling her about yourself, don’t tell her all. Warning: don’t overdo the male body language flirting and be like the serial-killer mysterious type; you don’t want the girl of your dreams mistaking you as a psycho.
  • Be the center of attraction. If you want to be get noticed. The only thing you should do is to stand in the center of the room. According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, well-known author of several self-help books and in spatial psychology, standing in such place can greatly help in attracting the opposite sex. The center always gets the highest-impact and can be a good place to attract interested cuties. In the room’s center stand up and move around a little bit. Make yourself a male body language flirting expert!
  • Use the power of color. If you want to attract the attention of a woman, wear something with a color that truly suits you. “I hate it when a guy wears a color louder and more vibrant that what I’m already wearing. It makes me want to faint,” Xenia, 30. According to Leatrice Eiseman, a color consultant and the Director of the Pantone Color Institute and the famous author of the books entitled Colors for your every Mood; women are usually attracted to men who wear the color blue. Eisemen also added that, a guy who often wears blue shows that he is faithful, constant, stable and trustworthy. The color blue tells that the guy is an amazing candidate for a long term relationship. The guy is someone who is monogamous, dependable and knows what he wants.
  • Let Your Body Talk. In order to attract someone from the opposite sex, use the power of body language. Men should appear dominant which effectively draws the attention of women. Stand with your feet 6 to 10 inches apart while your toes are pointing outward. Fill up the space. Plus, you should also try wearing bulkier and more conservative clothing or hairstyle. Anything you do should exhibit self confidence. When talking, speed up your speech as well as your gestures in order to become more assertive. “If he can really stand like a man, then he deserves me on his side,” Cindy, 23.Here’s a hint, when talking to someone, never ever fold your arms and chew gum. The chewing only shows signs of frustration or anxiety which is not attractive for the opposite sex.
  • Smile. According to body language experts and psychologists, smiling is one of the most important things anyone should do that helps attract the opposite sex. A man who often smiles can really draw someone’s attention. But never make a fake smile. Just act normal. “Call me lame but I’m yours if you can give me a good smile plus a perfect stare,” Amanda, 26.

  • Use The Scent. Based on a study, men commonly associate vanilla and cinnamon scents with love. In order to make the fragrance work for you, you should prepare ready-made cinnamon rolls for your date before she arrives or wear some cinnamon vanilla scented fragrance. In fact, according to aromatherapy experts cinnamon is believed to be an effective aphrodisiac. This plus your natural pheromones can do wonders in flirting.
  • These are just some of the most effective male body language flirting tips for men. Try them now and see the difference. Practice and hone your flirting skills, and who knows what the future might hold.

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