Modern courtship - who is winning the dating game?

Modern courtship?

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Once upon a time men had it so easy. In fact it wasn't until recently that they really have had to work at finding the perfect relationship. Just look at the history of courtship and you can see how simple it really was.

Captive in the cave! The cave man dragged the woman to his cave, tied her up, and that was it. Simple! In fact, a recent CSI episode explained that he kept giving her privileges and continued to tie her up until he could trust her. Finally, he just tied a little bow around her finger just to remind her who she belonged to. Nice story about wedding bands!

Go ahead son, pick your wife Arranged marriages by families wanting to unite their children has been common throughout history. Just look at Romeo and Juliet. Paris doesn't ask Juliet to marry him. He asks her father. Easy! Ok, it didn't turn out that way.

Ugly, but nothing to worry about. Economic realities for women until recently made even the ugliest of men attractive. Ok, he's not so great looking, but I'll take him for his money. Maybe I'll learn to love him. Not so easy for women, but oh, so perfect for us guys. In fact, women have had to endure the most extraordinary things just to be married and taken care of.

And if you are a woman reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Heck, fifty percent of the world still has these archaic rules for marriage and dating.

Drastic changes - oh, no! But, times have changed in modern courtship! Dramatically! Just the other day I was visiting a park and noticed a guy down on one knee asking a girl to marry him. Down on his knees! Oh my gosh! And she has the power to say no - instantly crushing his hopes and desires for all eternity. What has happened to the male race? When did this all start to come apart at the seams?

So much power! Gradually, it has occurred without us realizing it. Women get power, men get pushed aside in favor of careers, and it really isn't so easy anymore. Is it? We have learned that we actually have to court the woman, make her want to be with you, and finally they make us get down on our knees and beg to be married to them. Thank God my wife, Susan, and I married before this all started. I wonder if she still would have taken me. Better yet, don't ask her.

What's it gonna take? So, what do we now have to do to get the woman of our dreams. Just listen to some of the old pick-up lines like "They really should re-arrange the alphabet to put U and I together," or "I Forgot my number! Can I have yours"? Do we have a clue, or what? So what's it gonna take?

We need your opinion on modern courtship. Tell us what you think.

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