What online-dating-perks should a dating service offer?

One of the most hilarious assignments I used to give my students were brainstorming sessions. I would take a chair and put it into the middle of the room and say, " Tell me all the ways you can use this chair?"

We laughed until we cried. And, not one of them mentioned anything nasty. They didn't have to. Their imaginations ran wild.

We would like you to take out a piece of paper and think of all the things you would want your date to be like. The trick is to not evaluate. Put everything down, even if it sounds crazy. Have fun. That glint in your eye will eventually go away. Hide it in a very safe place and take it out when you feel like thinking about your perfect, dream lover.

We did the same thing when we came up with a list of things a dating service should provide. Not all the services had everything we list here, but some came pretty close. We hope you'll get a kick out of some of the ones that we added.

  • Maintain a secret identity while you shop.
  • Selling of your personal information should not be allowed.
  • Your e-mail address should be sacred - never used in a spam campaign!
  • Glass slipper service - delivers the slipper right to your foot. Pedicure extra.
  • Access to casual as well as serious dating communities.
  • Knight in shining armor polishing service; become your date's mirror on the wall.
  • View members who have an interest in you.
  • Place your best choices on a favorites page.
  • Telling someone you are not interested should not be difficult.
  • Sleeping potions sold here - eliminate your rivals effortlessly.
  • Send and receive messages with instant messaging capability - be able to eliminate people you do not want to I.M. with.
  • E-mail with confidence - no selling of your e-mail address. Blocking of e-mails is an easy task. Imagine a world without junk mail.
  • Audio and video recording capability. Here's your chance for 15 minutes of fame.
  • Knock the chip off your shoulder service. No scarring. Completely safe.
  • Guarantee of service... No, unfortunately they can not guarantee you finding your true love, but they can offer you some perks.
  • Free mobile capability from your cell-phone.
  • Messages that alert you when someone is interested.
  • Highlight your profile for everyone to see. Be the star of the month.
  • Add a photo to your profile...This capability is a must and is very important to increasing your chances of finding someone.
  • Excellent testimonials from a variety of individuals.
  • Be able to see members who closely match you.
  • Winking to break the ice. Smiles to keep it going. Flirting to add mystery!
  • Toad turning potion....if your date doesn't turn out the way you like.
  • Pumpkin coach service. Free until midnight.

  • Now, knowing all the products that should be offered, let's click over to find out why we eliminated some major players in the dating game and finish with our specific recommendations.

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