The perfect match test!

Take the perfect match test, a soul mate compatibility love test that organizes free romantic compatibility reports to assist you in writing a personal profile that is second to none. 35 years of research on the Duet Compatibility System outperforms e-harmony in every way. You'll see and feel the difference from the very first date!

True Colors: Early in my teaching career I was asked to participate in several workshops involved in the gathering of students' information to determine what types of personalities and learning styles would best accommodate them. The colors ranged from orange (extrovert, hands-on style of learning, energetic, competitive ) to blue (sensitive, loyal and enthusiastic). This worked extremely well , especially with the diverse sets of students I usually had. I used this perfect match test extensively for putting people in groups who bonded so well together it was scary.

The Duet System: Although the Duet system doesn't use colors, it uses the same principles with astonishing clarity. Personality, lifestyle, values and preferences are all combined to give you your unique profile that will be matched not only with people similar to you, but complement you. Not only is it fun to view your own personality, but also to view other singles that match you.

PerfectMatch offers you:

  • Step by step expert guidance to create your profile. The perfect match test does it all!
  • Ice-breaker questions to help you say hello.
  • Deal breakers/ Match settings - non-negotiable characteristics that you feel a partner should have in order to make you feel comfortable.
  • E-mail.
  • Block list.
  • INvite - to help contact a member to meet in-person.
  • Romance quizzes.
  • Fifty-eight percent of members are women.
  • Dr. Pepper Schwartz, leading relationship expert and thirty years of research.
  • The company has been seen extensively on Dr. Phil, Live with Regis and Kelly, and recently on the CBS comedy, "How I Met Your Mother." You might remember it also from the 2005 movie, "Must Love Dogs."

    This is a fun website catering to all your dating needs.

    Just wait until you discover your own personality when you visit It will probably surprise the heck out of you!

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