Pisces Love Match - by Azzrian Visions


The Pisces is a very spiritual person who can see light and love in all things. They appreciate beauty and quiet contemplation of our world. They seek a love who is positive and who can see the good in others as this helps them achieve their highest good.


Pisces are very sensitive people and at times may seem a bit dreamy or have a view of their world that is just a little too sunny as they tend to avoid or look away from the negative. They need to give and receive positive attention and are not attracted to cynical, jaded or generally negative individuals. When they are in love you will certainly know it because they will admire and adore you and will openly express their feelings toward you! Some people tend to feel that Pisces are a bit spineless however because they do not like confrontation and are not strong when it comes to standing up for themselves or to others. Pisces would rather avoid argumentative situations.


If you are considering having a family with a Pisces love match be sure you are able to pick up the discipline as Pisces are adoring parents who will support every dream their child has but they are not very good at being the firm hand when needed.

Live in their world

If you have won the heart of your Pisces you can rest assured that they will be faithful and loyal but you also need to be able to view the world through their rose colored glasses and be willing to explore places not only unexplored but sometimes unheard of as the Pisces tends to live in a world all of their own!


Pisces are true humanitarians whether it comes to rescuing a stray animal or helping a friend in need. They tend to fleet from one thing to another always on a path of doing something wonderful for someone else. If you are with a Pisces you need to be sure that you do not feel that their focus on other ventures is a lack of focus on you! There is a choice to join them in their frivolity and embrace their caring and sometimes quirky ways or not but if you choose not to you may end up feeling threatened or left behind.

Being valued

Pisces need something to fuel their passions and they feel best when they have a project. They may do a lot of volunteer work, get involved in community, etc. but they really need to feel they are doing something of value. The best life partner for Pisces is someone who is also sensitive, supportive, helpful and can find passion in the same things Pisces can. At the very least you need to be emotionally connected and open and able to support your Pisces love in their activities.

As long as you can support and live in a world along side your Pisces love match, then you too can benefit and share in a world filled with warmth, joy, tenderness, and dreamy optimism! Now that really is not such a bad thing is it?

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