Sagittarius in love!

Sagittarius in love - by Azzrian Visions

The Sagittarius does not fall easily, but when they do, they fall hard.
Some tips for finding your Sagittarius in love are:

  • Be sure you allow them their need for independence. Smothering your Sag is not the way to win him or her over!
  • Be a friend first! The Sag needs a lot of trust before being truly open.
  • Be both mentally and physically able. A Sag needs a partner who is his/her equal, not to burden them or challenge them too much.
  • Acknowledge that they have a innate fear of intimacy and do not push the Sagittarian! They will come around more easily when you get to know them on a non-intimate level first.
  • Be conversational. The archer is known for wanting to explore every topic from A to Z. This is how they get to know whether they can truly trust, respect and even admire a potential love mate. Without the respect there is little chance of a true romance with your Sagittarius.

  • For the Sagittarius person, knowledge is intimacy, and communication is a must!!! You will need to indulge their thirst for discussion and consider it foreplay before getting into their heart or their bed.
  • While the Sag is extremely passionate and loves to be physically intimate, they do not enjoy the experience nearly as much without finding their intellectual equal.
  • Remember that the Sag needs lots of personal space, and expects to be trusted, as they are very trustworthy people
  • They will give that same trust equally; however, if you dare to hurt a Sag emotionally you will find it very difficult to ever regain their trust or respect. No second chances!

    Sagittarians are known for being very honest - sometimes brutally honest, and if you can not handle knowing exactly what is on someone's mind, good or bad, then this might not be the match for you. Clingy people need not apply!

    However, if you want a passionate, intellectual person who is very open and with excellent communication skills, then you are looking in the right place.

    Maybe your archer will aim his or her arrow right at your heart!

    Thank you Azzrian!

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