Want to find your soul mate compatibility?If you are truly looking for long lasting love and not just a date, then there actually is a scientific method to find the perfect soul mate. But, you have to be honest and be willing to take the plunge. There are some people who swear by this website and others who have been disappointed. Let us tell you why.

Most importantly, you must be willing to look at the matches they send to you, because this is not one of those browsing profiles sites. You continue to pick from the matches that your honest answers dictated that you would be most compatible with.

If you don't mind dealing with only the matches they send then take a look at the following video. It was presented last year on ABC. We think you will be amazed just as much as we were. Just click on the following.

Video - Finding love through chemistry!

If you don't have time to view the video, we hope the following info will give you a good idea of what you can experience.

The company line:

Let your fingers do the matchmaking to find your best love percentage through the most scientific compatible love test around!

We were a little skeptical but here is what we found:

Body chemistry dictates that the size of your fingers might control your destiny. When we were researching different dating sites and came upon this question we were intrigued. So much so that we had to contact the source, Dr Helen Fisher, who was approached by to develop a new website and compatible love test that would go further than any other matchmaking service ever had.

Unlike e-harmony, this company goes so much further with their use of chemistry, biology, and charisma sciences to locate your one and only soulmate!

Dr. Fisher explained:

Bloom in the womb.

A fetus is constantly washed by both testosterone and estrogen. It is the amount of these that determines who and what you are, and who you will be attracted to. Let's see how this works:

  • Your fourth finger is longer than your index finger - your brain has been affected by more testosterone, and as such you tend to be better at rule-based systems -you are good at computers, building bridges or fixing cars. You are more assertive, aggressively competitive and tough-minded.
  • Your fingers are the same size or your index finger is longer- your brain has been affected by more estrogen and as a result you tend to be negotiators or activists.

  • Biology and matchmaking To determine your love compatible matches, a series of questions are asked to ascertain whether you are one of four biological types: dopamine, estrogen, testosterone or serotonin. Also embedded in the test are questions relating to what degree you are an explorer, builder, negotiator or director. One important question asked whether most of your friends were part of the adventure crowd, social crowd, intellectual crowd or activists. Would it work?

    Dr.Fisher hoped that people who ultimately said they liked exploring would link up with adventurers, builders would be in the social crowd, negotiators(high estrogen in the womb) would link to activists, and directors(high testosterone in the womb) would socialize with intellectuals. In every case on the test all four types said what they were expected to say. And when they gave accurate information, the test worked well.

    We studied the data and found it to be pretty accurate. Of course no site is perfect for every person's needs, and you can be sure that not everyone who joins finds their one and only true love, but a good percentage did so we can definitely recommend this to people who are looking for a longer lasting love rather than just for general dating. Click on the following if you are interested, or better yet click over to our coupon page

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