Speed dating rules

How does speed-dating work?

This might be the fastest soulmate test around, but it definitely is fun!

Only a few speed dating rules to contend with and you are on your way to a very interesting evening.

There is a chance that you might find the perfect man or woman to share your life with, but rules are rules:

a. No following home!

b. No hiring of a detective to follow them home!

c. No throwing the person in the trunk of your car!

d. No getting hit by a car to make them feel sorry for you and want to make ammends!

e. Finally, no hiding in the trunk of the car or tying yourself to the undercarriage!

  • If you need a fake I.D. to buy beer, you don't belong here.
  • Married? Not a chance in h... will you get into this event!
  • Hands to yourself! Waiting patiently can really be excrutiating, but your time will eventually come around.
  • First names only. Safety is key!
  • Break the rules and they will break you, ha ha!

  • This stuff works so pay attention to the rules and everybody will have a good time!

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