Tips for dating older men

Follow these tips for dating older men and you'll be way ahead of the game.

  • Number one and most important - make sure he's not married!
  • Be just as confident as he is, even though you know that he has so much more experience.
  • Remember that men just want to date someone that they can relate to and have fun with, so do not worry that you don't make the same salary, or that your job is not your career yet - maybe you're still looking. Remember that he has had much more time to establish himself, and your time will come.
  • Having been raised on a different set of values from different time periods can be awkward. After all, things have changed and he may not have changed with them. He might think it's expected of him to pay the check, open the door for you, call you for the date, so let him take the lead at first. Let him achieve his comfort level.
  • When you really know him, slowly add some things to your relationship. Experiment with planning and paying for everything. He'll appreciate the gesture. Call him to make the date. Send him a gift. Something that he would not expect.
  • Knowing these simple tips will go a long way to achieving that successful relationship you've always wanted

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