Trust issues in relationships and other mistakes guys should avoid while dating!

Do you have trust issues in relationships including compulsive lying disorder and desire and deception on your mind. If you want a lasting relationship you must avoid these mistakes!

As a general rule guys would do much better if they just think about a few important things:

  • In the online dating world women are scared. Let's face it, the news of rape, abuse and neglect of women by men is widespread. Television, movies, music and books are rampant with stories of abused women. That is why trust issues in relationships is so important to the women you meet.

    So, when a woman is online looking for a date, she's going to be unbelievably cautious.

    Knowing that, you can do so much for your chances by not coming on too strong. Desire and deception is not going to work so:

  • Take your time online before you meet - in fact the longer you take the more at ease she will feel.
  • No phone numbers, no addresses, no workplace etc.
  • Of course the opposite is true - if she wants to meet too soon - be wary!

  • If you 'read' the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue every year, if you are into movies or television that 99% of the time feature gorgeous women and if you are also blind to the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes, then you are going to have trouble with online romance.

    We suggest that you not be so much of a perfectionist. That's not to say that you pick anyone you see. Attraction is important! But, no one is perfect and you might have to overlook a few flaws. Some flaws you can deal with, others you can't. You decide.

  • "I am an executive with an oil company, make 1.5 million a year, love sports - in fact just missed making it to the major leagues when I injured my knee, own two yacts, my own airplane and a 12 thousand square foot house in Malibu. I'm looking to share all my wealth with a woman who really wants to know how to live life. All the pleasures of the world await the right girl."

    Hope you get our point! What happens when you really meet and you can't live up to that profile. The real truth is going to hurt you so be as truthful on your profile and what you say to her as possible. The truth will set you free to make the best impression you can. Lies never will!

  • Just avoiding these three simple online dating mistakes will go a long way to giving you the best chance to meet your special someone.

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