Virgo love matches - by Azzrian Visions:

Independent and warm, the Virgo individual needs someone who can play on the subtle nuances of romance. Keeping the youthful nature in love is essential to the Virgo. While Virgo can be a bit nit-picky at times they feel this is an honorable notation to their personality.

  • They are intelligent and great with detail and fact and a vital resource in the workplace but in romance they also like to be very meticulous and exact.
  • They remember special dates, love to give and receive flowers and appreciate signs of affection.
  • They enjoy a good hearty debate or challenge in sports or activities as long as it remains fun.
  • Virgo needs to feel they have a true partner in all aspects of the word. Taking an interest in what they do, their work, their activities, their interests will encourage the Virgo to take more interest in you!

    VIRGO LOVE MATCHES -The female Virgo:

    The female Virgo tends to be aloof when upset with her mate. She can have a very cool exterior and this is a sure sign she is not all that impressed with you at the time, however, she is loyal and caring and can easily forgive, if you deserve forgiveness.

  • The Virgo woman is very explorative with her sexuality with her mate when she feels comfortable with him and a man who is willing to truly explore his emotions and sexual nature is a sure attraction to the Virgo woman!
  • The Virgo woman loves deeply but has no issue with severing ties when a relationship is just not going to work out. She is pragmatic and can see when the path just is not going to be beneficial to anyone in the relationship. She will make effort but she will not stick around if you are not doing your part! She is not the type to do “all the work” but in a good relationship you can count on her to be a wonderful life partner!
  • She needs an intellectual partner who will stimulate her mind, body and soul. She has a lot of interests and can keep a lot of balls up in the air at once so keeping up with her can be a challenge to many!
  • She can be a know it all at times but does not display her intellect in a egotistical way; it is just how she is and she does not view herself as better than you, although at times you may feel she does. You may have to do some study if you want to feel “in her league” but to the Virgo female this is your job to keep up with her and not her fault if you can’t.

    VIRGO LOVE MATCHES - Virgo man in love:

    The Virgo male can equally come off as aloof or disinterested at times and do not fall easily but once you have his heart they are dutiful and will stand by your side come what may.

  • The Virgo male does not need a life long mate so do not try to win him over too early! By being too pushy or needy he will definitely high tail it!
  • The Virgo male needs a very confident and independent woman by his side. Someone who is his true equal and has a life of her own. He needs his mate to bring as much to the relationship as he does yet still have an air of independence in her life.
  • Do not expect the Virgo man to be overly mushy when it comes to romance; he has a big heart and will remember dates and bring flowers but he is not the man you read about in storybooks.
  • He has a practical nature and will shy away from women who are too high maintenance or have extreme expectations. If you are looking for a Romeo who will dote on your every need then Virgo is not your man!
  • He needs someone who is strong, grounded with a good sense of self-worth. He is not the type of man to make you feel like the center of his universe thus handing your self worth over to you!
  • The kind of woman who will win his heart is a woman who is mentally active, physically active, and ready to try anything new, but has a good sense of family values and can control her emotions using logic and reason before letting fear or drama seep in!

    No matter what, if you play your cards right in these Virgo love matches, you are in for a wonderful ride!

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