Fear Factor - Would you rather questions about dating safety

Would you rather questions about dating safety!

  • Would you rather be stranded in no man's land with no woman's man or in a place where someone knows where you are.
  • Would you rather be totally alone with someone you don't know or where there are a lot of people.
  • Would you rather be with an obsessed stalker watching your every move or with someone who respects your privacy. We know people who have settled for the obsessed stalker.
  • Is online dating safe? It is if you believe that dating safety is important enough to take some obvious precautions. No matter how many people you meet at a bar, how many online profiles you study, how many office coworkers you might be attracted to, how many friends set you up with the perfect guy or girl, can you truly know for sure whether the person you are dating is "safe?" Here at Singles-Online- Dating-Mall we want you to have the dating safety tips that you need to ease your mind when trying to find that special someone. As usual, we love to tell stories to make our point.

    The trip - Many years ago Susan and I were living in Arizona and decided to take a trip to this secluded town in the mountains. When we got to the turn-off on the interstate we had to drive on a dirt road for some 50 miles to our destination. Thankfully we were in an originalHonda (1980) civic because as the day went on, the road got smaller and smaller. At one point the road had been washed out at a small creek and we literally had to rebuild a bridge for the Honda to pass over.

    Fear and Emotion - I got out of the car and almost stepped on a tarantula. Sue was so mad at me she could have ended my life right there, but we managed to get to the town only to find out that it definitely wasn't what we pictured it to be. Needless to say, it was a long ride back.

    The point of the story - Later on that night as we told my in-laws about our trip, they screamed at us. How could we be so stupid as to go off on a trip like that without telling someone. If we couldn't get back, if we couldn't rebuild that bridge, if we got stuck somewhere, who would come to help? Who would rescue us? What's the point of all this? When you are going on a date, always tell someone where you are going! It's that important! Tell where you are meeting, who you are meeting, and his or her cell phone number and e-mail address.

    I know where you live! Who can forget the movie, Fatal Attraction. Michael Douglas plays a married man who has a one-night affair with Glen Close and then wants to stop the relationship. She doesn't! She stalks him at work. She stalks him at home. Everywhere he seems to go, she is there. The phone calls don't stop and the harassment continues until... Well anyway, if you want to find a date online, until you really know the person, never tell where you work, where you live, what your phone number is, or anything else that might help that person track you down. A cell phone and an e-mail address is all you need to correspond and keep it safe.

    People, people everywhere - Obviously, since you do not want to tell him where you live at first, you'll want to drive to meet him somewhere. If the date doesn't work out, you will at least not have to depend on him to get you home. Meet in a crowded place such as a restaurant or a bowling alley or even in a mall - this is probably one of the most important aspects of dating safety. Central Park at three o'clock in the morning is not a good idea. Neither is a bar in the middle of the city. The more people, the safer you will feel.

    Space Invaders - Have you ever heard of the expression,"give me some space?" For most of us it usually refers to wanting to cool the relationship, slow it down. But we want you to understand it as having the space you need to feel comfortable. Women are more perceptive of this, but men can also understand the basics. If your date seems to be continually too close, invades your inner space, then calmly say so. If nothing seems to deter this 'space invader' then leave. You don't need to feel threatened and you have a right to feel comfortable. Of course, when you find that special person and you are absolutely sure, you'll probably want him/her to take up as much space as possible.

    Dating Online? Online dating services are perhaps the best way to meet people. Use their services. They also give you dating safety tips, allow you to e-mail, view profiles, and get a good idea of just who you are with. If, however, you want that extra comfort level you might want to check out the guys at Instant Background Report.com. Peace of mind dating-safety at its very best!

    These are important considerations concerning dating safety. Don't ignore them.Ask yourself these would you rather questions. If you really want to enjoy yourdate, take these simple precautions, but above all remember that the most important thing is to have fun. Understanding how to be safe will make it that much easier!

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